Create Yourself

Create Yourself

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit “non-effective” and “non-efficient”. Today I changed one tiny thing, which in turn will have a huge affect on my business. As soon as I did it, my efficiency rose immediately and with that my personal happiness for the day.

Remember, I’m self employed; but, if you work in a company, you can do the same thing. Every day, I turn on my computer and go through my email inbox. I answer priority mails first and then go through non-priority mails answering and moving them out as I go along. After that is done, I almost always go to FB to check my business page and to connect with other humans whom I really like. But… the whole process takes “forever”–especially the part about the email!

Today, I set up an empty file in my email program. Then I looked through all my emails without opening them, fished out only those which had something to do with today’s work and put them into the empty file. The other emails I left in the in-box. Then, I went to my new file and opened it and started working. It was so refreshing first to have the feeling of relief (not so many mails in this box). I had a great feeling of success by working on the most important mail until it was finished and thereafter going to the next mail, in order of priority. At the end of the day, I actually had FINISHED every, single to-do item. Oh my gosh… this hasn’t happened in a long time.

My emails have been taking over my life lately. I even set up a new email address thinking that would help. Nope, that just means I have to look in four places for emails. Uggghhh! Wasted time. No efficiency. Communication bottle-neck! Now, I have a system and it’s great! What was really cool about it all was, I noticed during the day, that I continued the routine. I checked my mails maybe once an hour (WAY LESS than normal) and only when I found something for today had arrived, did I move it into the empty file. That way, I was able to have just a few things to work on at a time.

The thing which has stopped me for a long time from finally taking this step? That I didn’t want to lose any of the mails I was already receiving. The thing which finally put me over the edge? I read something on FB yesterday. The sentence went something like, “…most people spend more time managing their emails than reading them…” It resonated with me. I could see immediately, I spent more time managing than reading. It was so shocking and the sentence stayed with me all day long so that finally the next day… I did something for me, for my happiness, for my personal effectiveness in my business.

The one thing I’d like to leave you with is: any time you make a change in your life, it takes a few tries (after long reflection) and then all of a sudden you are doing it. You might fall back on the old routine, but that just means you can’t pick up again where you left off the next day. Also remember to take TINY steps. It is really helpful.

Hope this helps someone out there and maybe my happiness in my own success will rub off on someone else.