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Want to Feel Independent? 5 TED Talks for today

Hey Everyone in the USA – Happy 4th of July! Being and independent thinker is a gift. Help yourself and others to learn better independent thinking skills. Here are 5 TED talks for you! Talks to help you claim your independence

Overcoming Procrastination – getting important things done and feeling good about it

Do you go to bed at night saying, yeah, I accomplished everything I expected to accomplish today? I know I don’t. I’ve known about this procrastination stopper technique for awhile, but this article brings me to an even easier way to begin. Anyone up for joining me? Feeling Good About Getting Things Done

Staying Determined When the Going gets Tough

It’s basically your call, when you give up. How many resumes does it take to land a job? How many relationships to find a mate? How many times to talk to your teenager before it actually gets through? How is it, with all of the medical experts around us and all of the money invested in research, that a 15 year old student can find a detection for three cancers – which only costs 0.3 cents to run and has an almost 100% accuracy rate? To find a lab which would allow him to set up his experiments, he sent 200 requests to institutions. He received 199 denials… and one maybe. The rest is history.

I wonder if young Jack Andraka felt like giving up. I’m glad he didn’t. Instead, he went off to prove his theory.

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