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$27 Million – Teamwork Bonus

Teamwork at its finest. Nevzat Aydin, CEO of the recently sold food-delivery company Yemeksepeti believes in the power of teamwork – and he paid out $27 million in bonuses to his employees to “reward” the good teamwork he believed they brought to his company. Hats off!

-CNN Money $27 Million Teamwork Bonus

9 Habits to Master Before Turning 30

Peggy Stinson

For all the young people out there – Happy Monday! I’m over 30 and I’m still working on #5 “Building Meaningful Professional Relationships”. Which of these 9 habits do you still need to master? 9 Habits to Master Before Turning 30 from Business Insider


Convincing Others – How to use your hands when you speak

I just ran across this really short, but REALLY helpful lesson about using your hands when you speak to other people. Start being even more convincing by using this expert advice.


Customer Service Frustration

I just got off the phone from one of the most frustrating customer service calls I’ve had in a long time. Most of my frustration doesn’t come from the fact that this was my fourth attempt at clearing up the problem. My frustration doesn’t come from the fact that this was the third time the guy told me he would take my contact information and send it along to the right person. It doesn’t come from the fact that I still can’t use the product after six weeks of trying. No, none of that frustration can add up to the frustration I feel inside myself for not being able to quickly use my own methods of communication in a simple phone call.

The angrier I got, of course the louder and faster and ruder I spoke to the customer service guy. After a couple of minutes, my autopilot finally found it’s way into my intellect and told me to remember my own stuff that I help people learn every day. I took long, deep breaths, pushing out all the air I had taken in (so not taking in and just holding it all in and jamming everything up!) I mentally pictured myself shaking off the negative thoughts about the situation. I physically shook my head to get my body to physically react to the situation. I brought my tone of voice down to a normal level. Then very important, I told the man what I was feeling (I feel talked to and not heard, I feel frustrated, I feel totally disregarded as a client of the company.)

All of a sudden there was silence on the other end of the phone. At least he was listening to me. Finally he took my info again and sent it out, AGAIN. We’ll see if I get my questions answered soon. In a way, I’m glad real life happens to me on a continual basis, even if it is unpleasant. When real life kicks in, I get the chance to realize how difficult it can be for a person to use the methods they learned in a training.
The one thing I do know is if you want your autopilot to kick in and automatically use some of those communication methods you’ve learned (like “I” Statements or Open-Ended Questions), then you have to be willing to use them over and over again in every situation imaginable so they can go on autopilot after awhile.

Well, at least my frustration has been reduced just a bit by writing this entry for others. Ah yesssss! I’m a real person after all, with real feelings and difficulties just like the rest of humanity. My tip for newlings: use the methods you’ve learned even in situations where there is no conflict so you can go on autopilot when there is conflict.

Why have another personal development blog?

Why this blog? I’m starting this blog because I believe a lot of people are looking for resources to support their personal development process. Developing “the person” seems to be the most in-thing you can do for yourself right now. Do you ever wonder why so many millions of self-help books, cds and seminars are being sold? And how about all those coaching hours being sold, who’s buying those? People like you and me are searching for ways to improve ourselves. We want to be “effective” and to be “high-performers”. We want to be “achievers” and “top notch”. We’re all looking for the “secret” and some of us are trying to “uncover the past”.

The name of this blog is It’s Just Your Life because I believe each of us has the ability to be something great in our lifetime. And, I believe that most people on this earth want and hope they can do something more than they are doing right now at this moment in life. I believe that most people die feeling they could have done more with their life. I also believe it’s just one life while you’re here, so you better get moving if you want to do something with it.

I also believe we can lead a “normal” life and still be great. I am convinced it is not necessary to overwork yourself to do something meaningful. I feel sure people can be high-performers without being sick or burned out later in life. Like I said, it’s your life: yours and only yours. You get to do whatever you want with it, however you want.

Providing people a place for some more resources for helping themselves stay balanced, healthy, positive — and still be high-achievers — is exactly what I want to accomplish here. Let’s start with one of the best books I ever read for giving people a strong inner foundation: Self Matters by Phillip McGraw Ph.D. Although it’s already a few years old, it is one of the best books I can recommend. If you want to get the full effect of the book, my tip is: do it slowly and do every single exercise. Expect to spend a few weeks with the book and expect to spend some time (20-45 minutes) on each exercise. Find yourself a quiet place, bring your coffee or tea and pen and paper and give yourself this time.

Trying to actually make a self-help book work for you is sometimes difficult. That’s why I say you have to take the time and you have to really DO the exercises (not just read through them). Reading is a passive activity and changing behavior is active. It’s hard to translate something passive into active. That’s why I became a coach, to help people put passive theory into active living.

I love my job. It adds value to others and is worth my time and energy investment. I’m looking forward to the interaction with other people on the topic of personal development, in whatever way that means to you.

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