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Best of 2012 – Women at Work

Working Woman

Being part of an organization gives you support and motivation and creates momentum. Join an women’s organization near you now! For a short list of some of the best women’s organizations around the world, take a look at this!

Women at Work

National Geographic - Child Brides

National Geographic - Child Brides

Today is International Women’s Day 2012. Just sitting here thinking about how many women I know work…and that led me to think about some of the recent articles I have been reading about women in general. While women in the industrialized world argue about the necessity of reminding themselves of International Women’s Day (something they say should be a “no-brainer”), I try not to be enraged at the conditions of women around the world. Child brides, sex slavery, not allowed to work or drive, beaten and burned for wanting what we in the industrialized world would call normal. Every day I help women who work to understand what good personal interaction is and help them with their personal development. Good personal interaction means for me: respect of others, treating others (at work, in public, anywhere) with the same dignity as I would myself and my family. Developing character means, among other things, for me: having a strong enough character to respect others and treat them with dignity. Women who are not allowed to even live like human beings are not even thinking about developing their character. They cannot be concerned with good personal interaction. …they are too busy surviving.

Yes…we still need to remember and talk about International Women’s Day…even in 2012.

National Geographic Story on Child Brides… ¬†20 Minute Video

National Geographic Story on Child Brides… ¬†written story

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